ALLCHEM is a regional supplier and distributor of raw materials for several kinds of industries: paint, detergent, cosmetics, plastics and others.

Allchem provides comprehensive services to its clients through:

  • Logistical support by:

Acting as your purchasing department minimizing costly administrative procedures.

- Minimizing your lead time.

- Keeping a Buffer stock for small formulations, unscheduled orders, and emergencies.

- Combining your orders thereby reducing your warehousing, transport costs and clearing charges.


  • Quality products from quality suppliers assure:

Lot to lot consistency

- Optimization of formulation

- Improvement of your customers' satisfaction


  • Technical Service:

Complaints although rare, are handled by a skilled technical team. 

- Specialized laboratories are at your services for formulation, developments, troubleshooting, and problem solving. 

- Experienced local sales follow your day to day needs.


  • Price Orientation

With best logistical service, quality products and experienced technical team you are assured the most competitive prices and formulation costs.


Any quantity can be sent to you by containers (LCL and FCL), trucks.

Meanwhile, the local warehouses in all countries will serve to minimize the cost of our clients.