Dow Coating Materials
Dow Coating Materials leads innovation in technologies that help advance the performance of paints and coatings. Dow water-based acrylic emulsion technology revolutionized the global paint industry, and was named a historic chemical landmark by the American Chemistry Association. DOW offer a broad portfolio of binders, dispersants, rheology modifiers and surfactants for a wide variety of end markets. Dow offers innovative and sustainable product solutions to boost paint and coating performance across diverse markets.
Lubrizol Additives is a pioneering global supplier of chemical additive technologies. Lubrizol Advanced Materials is a leading global producer of advanced specialty polymers, polymer-based additives and chemical additives used in everyday consumer and industrial applications.
Chemipol Manufactures and supplies biocides, additives and specialty process chemicals.
Dow Construction Chemicals
Dow Construction Chemicals Better buildings start here The right additives from Dow Construction Chemicals for your building materials. Whether you want to develop next-generation building materials or simply wish to improve your cost or environment profile, you've come to the right place. Let's jointly advance building with innovative solutions for your products.
Organic pigments Anticorrosive pigments
Leonice stays at the cutting edge of research and development with all ECOTINT® and ECONYL® colorants being Very Low VOC (<1g/L), meeting the latest environmental legislation (New ECOLABEL criteria 312/2014/EU etc.) Development of ECOTINT® and  ECONYL® colorants is carried out by personnel having more  than 20 years experience in colorants using  Innovative Technology and High Throughput Experimentation  in state of the art Research & Development facilities. Starting with a careful choice between modern and long  established pigments, our customers can select our  standard very competitive in terms of economical and technological performance 16 colorants series of  ECOTINT® HC, ECOTINT® LC and ECOTINT® TS or from more than 80 ECOTINT® colorants to  establish a unique, customized system to meet their  expectations.   In its unique facade module  ECOTINT® includes 5 high premium inorganic colorants suitable for many types of exterior products such as masonry paints, plasters, silicate, silicone and mineral paints. The Facade formulations are based on colorants highly resistant against UV radiation, alkali and acids with exceptional weather fastness. ECOTINT®  colorants combined with improved color matching technology and LEOMIX Pro a modern Point Of Sales  software management system results to an Advanced Tinting System which meet the business objectives of the paint
Coatings, Plastics, Construction We are one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of organoclays. Viscogels are produced using special, sophisticated industrial technology that provides for total purification of our bentonites, treatment with quatenary ammonium salt and their transformation into bentonite organoclay. They are widely used as rheological additives in solvent coatings, printing ink, lubricating greases and cosmetic products. Our organoclays, particularly refined and processed to obtain smaller dimensions, are used as innovative materials called NANOCLAYS, for the manufacture of nanocomposites in the Plastics and Elastomeric Rubber industries. We also offer a range of selected, processed bentonites called Laviothix, for use as rheological additives in water based systems. All the times a proper balance among rheology, plasticity and water retention is requested, Laviokoll is our best proposal for dry mix systems.
SPOLCHEMIE - Spolek pro chemickou a hutní výrobu, akciová společnost, has been manufacturing high-quality chemicals for no less than 160 years. Our business has always been driven by in-company research, development and innovations. Our factory has developed inventions and patents which affects chemicals worldwide up today. The manufacturing of chemicals and materials for today’s world is inextricably connected with protection of the environment and the employees of our company as well as the inhabitants of the region. We encourage community life. SPOLCHEMIE has been an inseparable part of the city and inhabitants of Ústí nad Labem for over seven generations. "Our mission is to work together in creative innovative chemicals for a better quality of life.“ Our top specialists and experts in production and development come from the region, where the expertise in and relationship to chemicals have been inherited from generation to generation. Our research meets the interests of our customers, and with the help of our business team, we find solutions and help develop their business in many areas: special epoxy resins and systems commodity epoxy resins potassium hydroxide and inorganic derivatives alkyd resins polyesters
Ege Kimya
Ege Kimya is the intermediate chemical supplier to more than 10 sectors such as the ceramic, construction chemicals, rubber, agriculture and paint sectors with more than 60 years of experience and wide product-range. The production capacities have increased through partnerships established with international firms, co-production agreements, in an effort to become a partner of preference to other multi-national companies wishing to take advantage of this industrial facility. Ege Kimya provides solutions to the increasing expectations of its customers and business partners. Ege Kimya has expanded its fields of activity through the chemical manufacturing facility that has been established over 120 thousand of square meters located in Adapazari. All corporate and financial services have been put in place in order to be able to service the requirements of the said collaborations.
Lorama Group
The Lorama Group is a strategic partnership of several companies specializing in the distribution, research, development, and manufacture of sustainable raw materials and color technology solutions for many industries. Skill, expertise and continued investment in the science of paint formulation ensure that Lorama Group customers benefit from cutting-edge innovation and product solutions designed to satisfy the demands of ever-changing industry regulations. Striving for a greener tomorrow, the Lorama Group works to reduce the environmental impact of our facilities, our customers, and the paint industry.
Established in 1873, Cinkarna Celje was originally engaged in metallurgy, but after 1968 chemical processing has become the company’s primary activity. Today its core business is oriented towards the production and marketing of titanium dioxide pigment. Today Cinkarna Celje is one of the largest chemical-processing companies in Slovenia. It is a joint-stock enterprise employing over 1,000 people and generating more than 150 million euros in sales revenues per annum, with exports into demanding global markets accounting for more than 80 percent of this total.
Alfa kimya
ALFA KIMYA is a world leader in the manufacture of alkyds for the paint, coating, road marking, and varnish industries. Incorporated in 1981, ALFA KIMYA produces 40,000 tons of alkyd resin a year to meet demands of paint and varnish manufacturers. Alfa Kimya's product portfolio is constantly expanding to meet market needs as well as create customer-specific alkyd-resin solutions tailored to specialized needs.
Akdeniz Kimya
On January 5, 1976, Akdeniz Kimya A..S. was incorporated in Izmir, Turkey, based on Unal Heris’ plan to manufacture and sell PVC stabilizers and various industrial chemicals to the domestic market. In the course of time, with continuous investment on research and technology, Akdeniz has become the only company among its competitors to produce all specialty chemicals, those used as raw materials for both Ca/Zn & Pb based stabilizers. By doing this, Akdeniz is now one of the world's leading and most trusted producers of PVC additives and specialty chemicals. Today, Akdeniz supplies various industries around the world with metallic soaps, several basic stabilizing components, one-pack and mixed metal compounds, lubricants, betadiketons, hydrotalcids, acrylic based processing aids & impact modifiers, and other specialty chemicals. Akdeniz has a reputation for innovation, quality and reliability when it comes to developing, manufacturing and marketing a broad range of specialty chemicals. Their fully skilled R&D specialists and application engineers have an outstanding track record for combining experience with leading-edge science to design and develop tailor-made solutions to meet specific needs of customers around the world. Our ISO 9001:2000 accredited production and quality control facilities ensure high and consistent quality of Akdeniz products.
X-rite Pantone
X-Rite is a global company with locations around the world. Expert in blending the art and science of color, X-Rite focuses on providing complete end-to-end color-management solutions for clients in every industry where color matters.

ALLCHEM has also launched The Colour Academy sponsored by Xrite-Pantone and NCS to support the local market with colour education as well as all colour tools needed from fandecks to spectrophotometers, softwares and much more.